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 We help businesses and non profits produce stellar content with out committing to hiring a full time creative team! Apply today for affordable and consistent content marketing.

VIP Content  Club 

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B2B / B2C Companies, Non-profits & Government Agencies 

Introducing VIP Content Club – the perfect solution for businesses and organizations aiming to produce high-quality videos and content on a regular basis. Our club provides tailored support for companies who have various departments, including marketing, internal communications, HR, and more!

Additionally, communications firms, such as PR, marketing, and web design agencies, can also leverage membership points for client promotions or their own business needs. 

Getting started is a breeze! We'll begin with a brief phone call to understand your unique requirements. This initial consultation allows us to design a personalized club package that aligns perfectly with your organization's goals.

Elevate your brand, engage your audience effectively, and achieve your business objectives through the power of video & content creation – all with the VIP Content Club. Join us today and take your content to new heights! 

  • AGENCY BONUS: Communications firms and agencies, here's a game-changer. Cover the club membership cost by collectively charging your clients. Now you have a dedicated video crew ready to produce videos for clients or your own firm, with clients covering the membership expense.

  • CORPORATE & NON-PROFIT BONUS: Spread the membership cost across multiple departments in your company or non-profit. Departments like marketing, PR, HR, and internal communications can pool their budgets to share the membership, making it easier to afford.

  • ACCESS: Unlike the usual requirement of signed contracts and deposits, our club members can instantly reserve shoot dates and make necessary changes without hassle.

  • STUDIO: As a valued member of our VIP Content Club you have access for your content to be produced in our multi professional studio, which includes a white cyc, warehouse space and color backdrops. It is centrally located in Downtown Sacramento California, and there is no extra fee involved if you are a VIP content member. 

  • PLANNING: Say goodbye to last-minute brainstorming. We'll have quarterly discussions to suggest upcoming video options.

  • ROLLOVER: No worries if you don't produce a video in a given month. Our points system allows you to spend points over a quarter, solving this issue.

  • EASY BUDGETING: Forget fluctuating video pricing. Joining the VIP Video Club gives you a consistent cost, making video budgeting a breeze.

  • SAVINGS: Enjoy instant savings on every video as a member of our VIP Content Club. The larger the package, the lower the cost per video. significant savings await you.

  • TME SAVER: Say goodbye to researching video companies. With our club, you have a ready-to-go video production team whenever you need them.

  • TRUST: Rest assured knowing that you'll receive top-notch videos and work with a friendly and professional team.


Save Time With Your Trusted Personal Video Production Team

Points & Prices 

Our plan includes a production points system designed to offer flexibility and value.

1 point is assigned to a basic video or photo shoot

2 points are assigned to a storytelling video

​Customers pay a monthly fee that grants them a specific number of production points, which can be utilized throughout a quarter. This system allows you to choose the type of videos you need while optimizing the allocation of your production points based on your content requirements and priorities. It provides a flexible framework that allows both you and us to allocate resources and prioritize the types of videos that align with your communication goals. This way, we can ensure that the retainer is tailored to meet your unique requirements and maximize the value you receive from our services.

Apply Today

Take advantage of the fantastic benefits of our VIP Content Club. We're excited to hear from you, so go ahead and contact us today to get started. 



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